Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another cover from Russia

Elena sent me this retro styled cover and I really appriciate it :), Cover has two stamps issued in 2011. One stamp shows Russian art by Aleksei Adamov and another shows beautiful bridge over Moscow river.
Thanks Elena!

Cover from Russia

The cover has 2 beautiful birdstamps. The greenone is part of sheetlet issued in 2007, the Oriental Stork is the rare species which is classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Red List of Russia, Korea and China. The Oriental Stork is mainly settled on the territory of the Russian Federation. As it is seen from its name this species have their nests mostly in the Far East, namely at the Amur River basin, Seaboard, Amur, Zeya, Ussuri river basins and also in the northern Korea and the north-eastern China and in Mongolia. Another stamps is also from sheetlet - The fauna of Sakha Republik (Jakutia), issued in 2006. Stamp shows pink seagull.
Thank you Elisaveta!

Lighthouse RR cards

On 9th of November I received nice cards from Andrey. They all are new to my lighthouse collection, it was happy day.
The cover is made specially for lighthouses RR, which makes the envelope very unique.

The lighthouse looks really "different". It has very unique design. It seems to be made from steel. Lighthouse is located in Ukraine, near shipbuilding town Kherson

This is also Ukrainian lighthouse, Vorontsovski lighthouse near harbour of Odessa.

This is Yaltinsky lighthouse from Ukraine. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 lighthouses from USA

Oh, I like lighthouses and James sent me 3 newones! Happy day!

The Cape Neddick Lighthouse is located on Nubble Island. Cape Neddick Point is at the north end of Long Sands Beach in the village of York Beach. The lighthouse is not opened for tourists, which is pity as the lighthouse and island look great.The lighthouse was put in use in 1879

Tawas Point Lighthouse was built in 1876 and it is located at Tawas Point State Park, overlooking Lake Huron. Still in service, this lighthouse contains a Fourth Order Fresnel Lens and has been extensively restored. Tawas Point is also great place for birdwatchers, should visit it one day
Cape Hatteras National Seashore features Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the Victorian-style Keeper's House. This all is located on the Outer Banks near Corolla, Nort Carolina, USA
Thank you James!

Cover from Russia

Svetlana sent me this cover with so many and different stamps. The cover was sent from Novokuznetsk on 22th of October and it arrived to Tallinn on 31st of October. Thanks! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Europa Cept 2011 from Germany

I really like covers with many and different stamps. What makes this cover so special is Europa Cept 2011 Forests stamp.
Thanks Sarah!

11-11-11 cover

On 16th of November I received this nice cover from Hong Kong from Alan. These sports themed stamps were issued on 20th of July. I like the idea of these stamps - from start to the finish. The red stamps is Year of the Dragon stamp. Stamps were issued on 23th of January and there were 4 stamps in set.
Thank you Alan!

Cover from Russia

 Marina sent me this nice cover from Khabarovsk, it is sent on 27th of October and it arrived 06th of November. I am especially happy for new 2011 stamps. The rightone is issued on 21st of September and it is from set of Russian Headresses on stamps and another bigone is issued on 24th of September and it is from set of Contemporary Art of Russia.
Thank you Marina for using new stamps and sending me this nice cover
Marina sent me also this aerial view of lighthouse, but I have no idea, where this lighthouse is located. Who can help me?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thailand cover

Nina sent me this beautiful cover with national communications day stamp (2009),  80th of anniversary of the royal Thai air Force stamp (1995), international letter writing week stamp (1996) and Lunar Year stamp from 1997. I really appriciate the choice of stamps, Nina

The postcard shows Koh Kai. Koh is island and Kai means egg. It is also known as James Bond island.
Thanks Nina

Cover from Brazilia

Fesqua sent me this nice cover. Treestamps are issued on 3rd of October, as a set of four stamps called "Brazilian trees - natural treasures. All stamps have the same tree, but each in a different stage of growth. There are 2 smallest-youngest on my cover. 

Unesco lighthouse

The Tower of Hercules and lighthouse heights 55 m and has built in I century. It's the second highest lighthouse in Spain. It's the only roman lighthouse in the world and the oldest still working.
Thank you Sinsajoo for helping with this great lighthouse

Porer lighthouse

Porer lighthouse was built in 1833 on the islet of the same name, southwest of Istria's southernmost cape in Croatia. The islet is an 80 m cliff, 2.5 km from the mainland and the small town of Premantura. This beauty was sent by Nerad on 25th of October and receved on 31th of October


Carol sent me this cover with bird stamps, I find birdstamps one of the most, most ... :)

Cover to my daughter

The cover with Moomin stamp and card inside was sent to my daughter. Moomins are her favourites :). Envelope was sent on 28th of October and it arrived safely on 30th of October

Old Cape Henry lighthouse

This beautiful lighthouse is located in Virginia Beach. Old Henry Lighthouse was the first lighthouse authorized by the first U.S. Congress. Built in 1791, it lighted the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay until 1881

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lighthouse RR cards

Michelle sent me Europa Cept cover from France, cover was sent on 29th of October and received on 03th of November. I had the stamp before, but it is never too much :) Europa Cept stamps

The Lighthouse of Ar-Men is one of the best known lighthouses at the west end of Brittany. It shares its name with the rock on which it was erected. It is know also because of its isolated situation and the considerable difficulties its construction has presented, and the danger in evacuating its personnel. Considered as one of the most challenging workplaces by the community of lighthouse keepers, it has been named "The Hell of Hells".
Petit Minou lighthouse is located in the city of Plouzan√©, on the north side of the Brest straits. It was lit in 1848.

The lighthouse of Creac'h is a lightouse in Ushant, France. I like the view, rocks and stormy sea.

Croatian lighthouse

Ady sent me this Croatian lighthouse, it is called Palagruza'n lighthouse and it is located on the island in totally southern part of Croatia.
Thank you Ady for helping me with my lighthouse collection!

11-11-11 cover

Radim sent me this nice cover with clear 11-11-11 postmark. It has birds on stamp, thank you!

11-11-11 cover

Lucas sent me this Christmas FDC and Norwegian stamps are issued on 11-11-11. Nice date :) and special postmark.

cover from Moldova

Jaroslav was so nice and sent me postcard in an envelope, as Moldova is not very easy to get country. And all stamps are really beautiful, one with bird to my collection and another with traditional costumes also to my collection and coat of arms of Moldova. Nice cover, thank you Jaroslav!

Chain envelope

When I decided to join chain envelope RR, was a little bit worried how it will work, but it worked nicely.
My cover started his way to China on 15th of October, to Hong Kong on 24th of October and back to me on 10th of November and it arrived on 17th of November. It was safe journey practically around the world.
This is how my cover looks

First Russian cover

Received absolutely beautiful cover from Natasha. These stamps show beauty of West Caucasus, also The World Nature Heritage in Russia
Thank you!

3 lighthouse postcards from Russia

Olga helped me with lighthouse from south of Russia, lighthouse and church are located in Bolshoy Utrish

These 2 cards were sent by Natasha, firstone (upper) shows lighthouse Vyborgskyi, on the shores of Baltic Sea , Gulf of Finland
The secondone (bottom) shows Ukrainian lighthouse. It is Vorontsovskyi lighthouse, Black sea

Lighthouse postcard

Johanna from Finland sent me beautiful Swedish lighthouse postcard. Unfortunally I do not know the lighthouse, who does?

Facial Tattoos Postage stamp and cover

James sent me beautiful cover from Taiwan, it was sent on 19th of October and I received it on 25th of October.
Philatelic Bulletin says, that in the early days of the tribal society of the Atayal, an aboriginal people of Taiwan, decorative facial tattoos were custamarily stained on tribal members faces during solemn rituals. Men tattooed one or more vertical lines on their forehead and chins, whereas women tattooed one or more vertical lines on their foreheads as well as V shapes on their cheeks, extending from their ears to their lips. The traditional Atayal facial tattoo is fraught with social meaning. Apart from being symbols of glory, these tattoos demonstrate tribal identity, convey that their bearers have reached adulthood, and serve as badges of bravery and talent. The stamp features a tattooed Atayal woman weaving against the background of Mt. Dabajian.
Thank you James!


Matteo sent me cover with one Europa CEPT stamp from Italy, inside of that cover was FDC, showing the issue of a stamps celebrating World Theatre Day

Stamp shows the poster created on the occasion of World Theatre Day, entitled “Interaction”, featuring the outline of an actor on the stage before an audience, with a palette of colours on his breast designed to represent the mystery and energy of the interplay between cast and audience; at the centre of the illustration there is a butterfly in flight, creating a link between the actor and his audience, while at the top are the words “27 marzo 2011” (27 March 2011), the date on which the event takes place.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another exotic cover

Patrick was so nice and sent me cover from Bahamas. The cover has nice set of commemorative stamps to highlight the 50th anniversary of the Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation. Unfortunally the sending postmark is not readable, but I am still happy with the cover.
Inside the envelope was postcard which shows Parliament House. It is sort of connected with me :)

First cover from Africa

Wow, wow, wow, my first cover from Africa. It took almost a month to arrive, but here it is, so far it is the most exotic place in my covers collection and it has so neat postmark :)
Do you like it?

Whole set of stamps on cover

These stamps honour great American artist Romare Bearden. Stamps show his works (from the left) Falling Star from 1979, Prevalence of Ritual:Conjur Woman from 1964, Odysseus:Poseidon, The Sea God-Enemy of Odysseus from 1977 and Conjunction from 1971. The Romare Bearden stamps are being issued as Forever stamps.
Thank you Patrick

Toledo Harbor lighthouse

Erin sent me new lighthouse card to my collections, it was sent from my album of favourite cards.
Toledo Harbor lighthouse was put into service in 1904, jutting out of the water 8 miles from the shore of Toledo. The light rests on a crib structure nearly 20 feet below the water. A small single-story structure is attached to the much lager, square three-story lighthouse
Thank you Erin!

Lighthouse RR cards

Raymond sent me thematic envelope, cover was sent on20th of October and received on 25th. All lighthouse postcards were new to me

Three Sisters Lighthouses are identical, they were bulit at Nauset Beach in 1838. The lighthouses were built in only 38 days. The lights were 150 feet apart and exhibited fixed white lights 97 feet above sea level
Peninsula Point Lighthouse is located on Northern Lake Michigan, is just south of Stonington in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The original structure included living quarters for the lighthouse keeper and his family. A fire gutted the structure in 1959, leaving only the lighth tower that you see now. From the top, you can see Escanaba to the west, Fayette to the east, and the Minneapolis Shoal Lighthouse to the south

Nubble Light is located at a small, rocky island a short distance off the entrance to the York River and York Harbor. The building of the lighthouse started in 1876.

Friday, November 25, 2011

covers from Czech Republic

In October I received 2 covers from Radim,

Cover with film poster stamps, these stamps are really big, 40x50 mm, cover was sent on 20th of October and it arrived on 21st. This is service!

26th of October was great day, received 3 coves, included thisone. The cover is important as it hid wonderful Europa cept FDC, wow