Saturday, November 17, 2012

Europa cept cover from Czech Repbublic

Another nice cover from Radim. Cover was sent on first day of issue and this fact makes me very happy. I really like FDC sent directly to me :)

Indian cover with minisheet

Saujanya sent me the cover with minsheet in summer. The minisheet is not very mini, it is quite large :). The minisheet was issued in 2009. It has special postmark of Save the Sparrow Campain in India.

Cover from Tunisia

Radim was visiting Tunisia last summer and he sent me this wonderful cover. Cover was sent on 9th of June and it arrived to Tallinn on 22nd of June.
New country in my collection, thank you!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Australian lighthouse

This card arrived already in August. It shows most photographed lighshouse in Australia. It is Cape Byron lighthouse. It is the most easterly point of mainland Australia.
Amazingly beautiful lighthouse postcard

Cover from Japan

Miho sent me this beautiful cover with many different stamps. I really like the cover as it is so colourful. The cover has japanese postmark of 11th of September. It arrived on 18th.
Thank you Miho!

Malaysian cover

The cover was sent to me by Nurulhuda from Malaysia. The minisheet has 2 stamps and they show local markets. There was 2 minisheets in set, I still miss anotherone :). The minisheets were issued in 2010.
Thank you Nurulhuda!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Australian lighthouse

I received this nice lishthouse from country of origin and I am really happy about it. The card shows Smoky Cape Lighthouse, South West Rocks in New South Wales.

lighthouse of Denmark

Gerland sent me absolutely beautiful lighthouse postcard. It shows Blavandshuk Fyr in Denmark It is probably is probably the most eyecatching building in Blaavand with its appr. 40 mtr. tall light house, which with its own rough charm marks the most western landmark of Denmark. The light house was built in the year 1900 as a replacement for the old angle light from 1888. Due to its location on a high dune, the light source is placed 55 meters. above sea level. 
Thank you Gerald

Cover from USA

Denise sent me cover with stamps from cartoons, Monster Company and Toy story. I have seen most of late years cartoons, as I go to the cinema with my daughter. She likes Toy Story, Monster Company is too "old" for us. These stamps are from Forever set.
Inside the cover was new lighthouse to my collection. It is Grand Marais lighthouse, on Lake Superior's North Shore, Minnessota

Isn't it beautiful? :)

Australian lighthouse

This is postcard shows Cape Naturaliste lighthouse in Western Australia.

Lighthouse postcard

Svetlana from Tomsk sent me this lighthouse. It is Lindesne lighthouse in Vest-Agder.This is the southernmost district of Norway. The lighthouse of Lindesnes stands on the southernmost point of the mainland of Norway.
Card was sent from Russia, but I do not care. It is beautiful lighthouse

Cover from France

The cover has Jeanne d'Arc on stamp. Stamp is issued to dedicate 600th Anniversary of the Birth of Jeanne d'Arc. It  joint issue with the Vatican City. Stamp was issued on 11th of May, cover has 22-10-2012 postmark and it arrived to Tallinn on 24th of Oct
Thank you!

Nice cover and lighthouse postcard from Bermuda

Patric helped to grow my collection and sent me this nice cover from Bermuda. The cover has 04.10.12 postmark and stamps with HRQueen Elizabeth II and Royal Wedding. It took a week to arrive and it has postmark of 10.10.2012.
What makes this cover so special, it has a lighthouse postcard inside and there is Estonian flag on postcard. Great surprise

It is Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. This unique ccast iron lighthouse was made in sectons in England and erected on this spot in 1846
Thank you Patrick!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cover from Australia

Irene sent wonderful cover with stamps of Christmas Island. It is really unique cover for me.Thanks!

Another lighthouse postcard from Russia

The lighthouse postcard was sent from Moscow, on card is lightouse on the Kotlin Island in the Baltic Sea.
Thank you Natasa!

Lighthouse in Kaliningrad

Unfortunally I do not know much about the lighthouse. In fact all I know is, that the lighthouse is in Kaliningrad.
Thank you Irina!

Nice cover from Ukraine

What I like most about the cover is bunny, soft and lovely bunny. Thanks!

Friday, August 31, 2012

New exotic country in my collection

Radim was so nice and sent me cover from not very common country. My first cover from Kosovo, I am really happy about it :)!

Cover from Malaysia

The minisheet on stamp is issued to celebrate Spirit of The New Malaysia :), thanks!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cover from Czech Republic

Michaela sent me airmail cover from Czech Republic. Cover has stamp of Johann Gregor Mendel, who was scientist who is founder of genetics and discoverer of the core laws of inheritance. Cover was sent on 07th of August and I received it on next day, wow!
Thanks Michaela!

New Europa Cept cover

Nasia from Cyprus sent me new Europa Cept stamps cover from 2012. A new country and new stamps, I am really happy. Cover was sent on 20th of July and I received it on 08th of August.
Thansk Nasia!

Lighthouse in Mallorca

Eva from Spain sent me this beautiful lighthouse postcard. Card shows Alcanada lighthouse, located in Alcanada Islet in Mallorca, Spain. What I really like most is the colour of the sea and people in it.
Thanks Eva!

Thailand cover with minisheet

Nina from Thailand sent me cover with minisheet. Stamps are dedicated to the 100 centennial of the ATAF Founding Fathers aviation minisheet. Cover has 2 special postmarks, wonderful !
Thanks Nina!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Europa Cept 2011 cover from Ukraine

Olesya from Ukraine helped me with my Europa Cept covers, I am especially happy to receive whole set of stamps, thank you!

Preserve the Polar regions and glaciers

In a last month I received 3 beautiful covers with minisheets and stamps protection of the polar regions and glaciers.
Radim from Czech Republic sent me this cover with minisheet
Ivana from Croatia sent also minisheet on cover

and Olesya from Ukraine sent set of stamps from the same theme

Thank you, friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Europa Cept cover from Ireland

Fabio sent me new Europa Cept stamps on cover. These are astronomy stamps from 2009 and they were still missing in my collection.
Thank you Fabio!

Beautiful cover from Croatia

Ady from Croati sent me this beautiful cover, one stamp is Lunar Year stamp and 2 stamps are from new set of Gastronomy/culinary stamps. There are 4 stamps in set, showing traditional dishes of sea food.
Thank you!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3 finnish covers

I was happy enough and visited Finland at the end of July. I sent these nice covers to myself
Stamps show beauty of Finnish nature and show 2 national parks. Cover has special postmark of PostMuseum.
This stamp has minisheet Nordic Maritime 2012. The sea has always played a big role in the life in Scandinavian, nowadays a lot in spare time as well.  When the sea is rough, you can need some help from the rescue personnel.  This miniature sheet honors both The Finnish Lifeboat Institution (an organization for voluntary maritime rescue associations in Finland) and The Finnish Border Guard.
The cover has also special postmark of Postmuseum.

Last cover has whole set of Europa Cept 2012 stamps from Finland.  Finland's stamp pair is telling the history of tourism in Finland: the motifs are taken from the old posters inviting foreigners to the sea shore in Hanko or to the lake district Saimaa. The both areas are still today famous destinations.
All covers were posted on 31th of July, they have postmark of 1st of August and they arrived to neighbouring country on 2nd of August.

Lighthouse from Croatia

Tina from Slovenia sent me this beautiful lighthouse postcard, showing lighthouse in Sućac in Dalmatia, thanks

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ukraine football 2012

Volodymyr sent me first football themed cover and fdc ever! Great stamps, thanks

First Latvian lighthouse

Svetlana from Latvia sent me my first Latvian lighthouse postcard. I am really happy about it! The lighthouse is situated in the sea on an artificially made island. It was built in 1884, from 1993 it works with the help of solar batteries.
Thank you!

Europa Cept cover and lighthouses from Lithuania

Ausra sent me new Europa cept stamp on cover, the stamp was issued in 2006. Cover was posted on 28th of June and it arrived to Tallinn on 1st of July. Inside of the envelope were 2 new lighthouse postcards, showing one of the two lighthouses of Nida. Nida is one of the most beautiful resort towns on the Baltic sea,located on the Curonian Spit. Nida harbour has the status of international inland waterways harbour.
Second lighthouse postcard shows Pervalka lighthouse or Lighthouse Of Horses, located in the Curonian Lagoon, in Lithuania.

Thank you Ausra

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Macedonian cover

Ana from Macedonia sent me nice cover with older, 2003 issue, whole set of stamps. I love these covers, they make my day. The cover has place in my collection, thank you!

Cover with lighthouse stamps

Agi sent me this beautiful cover with Croatian lighthouses, issued in 2012. Cover was posted on 29th of June and it arrived to Tallinn on 9th of July.
Thank you!

Europa Cept from Aland

Liisa sent me new to my collection Europa Cept stamp from Aland. Cover has clear postmark as from philately book and the stamp is nice. Inside the cover was beautiful postcard showing Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna, Finland
Thank you Liisa, hope to swap with you again!

Stepping Stones lighthouse

Alessandra sent me one of her nearby lighthouses, the Stepping Stones lighthouse on Long Island. The lighthouse is located in western Long Island Sound off Great Neul. Construction on the lighthouse began in 1875 and was completed in 1876. Thi high of the lighthouse is 46 feet.

Stage Harbor Light

Thisone is official postcrossing postcard, sent from Singapore. It shows Stage Harbor Light at Harding's Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The lighthouse was built in 1880 and today it continues to guard Stage Harbor.

Unknown lighthouse

Claudia from Ireland sent me this beautiful lighthouse postcard. Unforunately it does not say where the lighthouse is located or the name. If someone knows, please let me know!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Titanic cover

Another nice Titanic themed cover, really beautiful minisheet issued by Canadian Post. Received it on 7th of May, but it is not never too late to show beautiful covers :)
Many thanks!

Europa Cept 2012 cover from Ireland

I have the Europa Cept 2012 FDC and stamps from Ireland, thank you Fabio!

Indian cover and lighthouse

Received beautiful cover from India, especially I like the stamp with pigeon, but other stamps are fine too.
The postcard shows Kaup Light House, located on the beach at Kaup, near Manipal.
Thank you!