Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cover from Russia

Yuri sent me cover from Russia. Cover has beautiful and clear postmark. Thanks!

Wonderful cover and lighthouses

Felix from Taiwan sent me the cover and 3 lighthouse postcards. Unfortunally I do not know the names of the lighthouses, but they are nice addition to my lighthouse postcards collection. Does anyone know the names and places?

Cabo Mayor lighthouse

Cabo Mayor lighthouse is located in Santader, northern Spain. It shows the sunset and I find the colours amazing.
Thank you Beatriz!

Military cover

Saujanya sent me military themed cover from India. Thanks!

5 beautiful lighthouses

Nan sent me nice cover from USA and inside of the cover were 5 new lighthouse postcards

3 postcards show the same lighthouse, but all views are so different. My favourite is in the middle.I like the autumn colours and the wooden path. About the lighthouse - it is located on Fire Island. The building is built 1858, was restored and relit in 1986. The biggest efforts were made by the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society, which now operates it.
Great place to visit!
Wonderful postcard, the light and moon and ship. Really beautiful! Orient Point lighthouse is located at the most easterly tip of Ling Island on the North Fork. Also known as the Coffee Pot, the Oirent Point Lighthouse was completed in 1899. The lighthouse stands 64 feet and marks the hazardous waters of Plumb Gut.

Boston lighthouse is located on Little Brewster Island.This was the first lightstation established on the North American continent, and the last in the United States to be automated. Wow!
Thank you Nan!

Dragon from Hong Kong

Alan sent me new Year of the Dragon cover from Hong Kong. The cover has pstmark of 19th of January and it arrived on 30th of January.
The Dragon is an auspicioius, mythical crature incarnated as an emperor, representing supreme power and commanding great respect. It is belived that people born in the Year of the Dragon are confident, courageous and clever.
These four stamps on cover depict the Dragon in various forms - a fire dragon spiked with glowing joss sticks (1.40), glittering statue of a golden dragon (2.40), a spirited dragon performing the traditional dragon dance (3) and a lifelike dragon engraved on a stone wall (5).
Thank you Alan for beautiful cover and explanations!

Dragon from Thailand

Nina sent me this beautiful cover. It has gold and it shines nicely,

you know, what I mean :) and stamps are really nice too :)
Thank you Nina, your covers are always so beautiful!

Brasilian cover

Antonio sent me this cover for philatelic RR. Cover was sent on 16th of January and it arrived on 27th.

Second cover with Romare Bearden stamps

Candy sent me second cover with Romare Bearden whole set of stamps. Cover was sent on 24th of January and it arrived on 29th.

Castles of Croatia

Agata sent me cover with whole set of stamps, showing castles of Croatia - Bilje, Valpovo, Naƛice and Donji Miholac. Beautiful set. Cover was posted on 5th of January and arrived on 11th.
Thanks Agata

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whole set of stamps on cover

Radim sent the cover with whole set of stamps and speical postmark. Stamps show works of Jaroslav Vozniak, Josa Uprka and August Bedrich Piepenhagen. Postmark is dedicated to the Vaclav Havel - great politician, last president of Czechoslovakia and first of Czech Republic.

2 Japanese covers

These 2 covers were sent from Japan. First has 14 stamps!!! Second has nice new Dragons.

First Bulgarian cover

Lila sent me cover from Bulgaria. The cover has Fide world chess championships minisheet. Minisheet was issued in 2010. Thanks!

Whole set of stamps on cover

Another great cover with whole set of stamps arrived on 24th of January. These stamps celebrate 100 years of Pediatric in Argentina. Stamps are drawings of childrens from 7 years up to 12 years. Wonderful idea and set of stamps.
And it was wonderful idea to send the stamps to me, thank you German!

International letter writing week

On 4 October 2011, Thai Post issued a set of 4 stamps and an exclusive miniature sheet to commemorate International Letter Writing week. The stamps feature Cartoon characters of kids in various actions that show the travelling of letter. And Nina was so nice and sent me cover with these wonderful stamps.
The cover is remarkable because of the special postmarks of Mae Hong Son.
Thank you Nina

Canadian Dragon

Jamie sent me new Lunar Year stamp and cover from Canada. In fact it is a minisheet.  The stamps were designed by Louis Fishauf and Charles Vinh with calligraphy by James TanCanadian Post issued 500,000 souvenir sheets. I am really happy to have it!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Europa Cept 2001 from Macedonia

Thank you Ana for helping to grow my Europa Cept covers collection and thank you for sending whole set of stamps. Always happy to receive! Thanks

Belarus cover

Nastja sent me cover with really unusual Belarussian stamps. These are new to me, I do not collect insects, but I am always happy to receive something different. Thanks!

Thailand cover

Nina sent me another cover from Thailand, this cover has whole set of stamps showing amazing Thailand. Cover has postmark 22.12.54 :) and it arrived on 22nd of January in 2012

Dragon stamp from Japan

Sumie sent me this nice Festival cover from Japan, it has great Dragon stamp and really great postmark of Santa. Cover was sent on 3rd of Dec and it arrived after over a month of journey.

travelling envelope arrived home

18th of January was really happy day. My travelling envelope arrived home, after long journey to Japan, Canada and then back to Estonia.
Thank you friends!


I have another cover from really exotic country

Cover from Guatemala

Patrick has sent me different covers from really exotic countries and this cover is not exception.
This cover from Guatemala is perfect for me. The cover has beautiful stamps with traditional clothes.
The cover was sent on 18th of January and it arrived on first of February.
Inside of the cover was really nice postcard with volcanoes

Thank you Patrick!

Exellent cover from India

Sauj sent this amazing cover form India. The cover was sent  on 7th of January and it arrived 20 days later.
The minisheet was issued on 20th of Dec. 2011, to celebrate 150 years of Archaeological Survey of India.

Dragonflys complete serie of stamps

I received a cover with complete serie of a stamp issue. This serie is first issue of stamps showing dragonflies found at forest stream. The serie was issued on 11th of October, 2000. The cover is a litlle bit damaged, but it is OK, as I really like these whole set of stamps covers
The cover has clear postmark of sending (11.1.12) and receiving (16.1.2012).


Volodymyr sent me beautiful cover with many different stamps from Ukraine and new FDC. Unfortunally the sending postmark is not readable, but it arrived to Estonia on 24th of January.

Cover from Hong Kong

I have been very busy in the last 2 months and now I have some time for new posts.

Yuen sent me this beautiful cover from Hong Kong with minisheet. It shows Hong Kong museums collections, issued in 2011. Cover was sent on 27th of Dec, unfortunally there is no Estonian postmark. Minisheet has stamp with denominations 1.40 - forehead headdress, 2.40 - silver footed bowl decorated in repousse, 2.50 - sequined reversible palace costume, 1.80 - Hong Kong History, 5.00 - baby carrier with head support and 3.00 - Green glazed barrel for herbal tea.