Thursday, June 28, 2012

Europa Cept from Spain

Thank you, Alonso for helping to grow my collection!

Europa cept cover from Italy

Fabio sent me whole set of Europa Cept 2012 stamps from Italy. I like the idea of stamps, it is, what I remember from Italy. Yellow sunflowers and nice coastal towns.I visited Lake Garda district, it was nice surprise to see the postcard inside :)

Thanks Fabio!

Churches from Brazilia

 Antonio sent me this wonderful cover. Cover was sent on 7th of May and it arrived on 21th of May. Inside of the envelope was a postcard, which shows unknown tree for me, who knows? In Estonia we do not have this kind of trees.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Croatian Europa Cept covers

Agi sent me cover with Croatian Europa Cept stamp. This cover shos Apoxyomen. It is bronze statue of the athlet. Statue was found in sea. There are two stamps in Croatian set. Cover was sent on 18th of May and it arrived on 28th.

Second stamp and cover arrived from Ivana. Second stamp shows national park Paklenica.Cover has special postmark, cover was sent on 09th of May and it arrived to Tallinn on 19th of May.

Europa Cept from France

Steffi helped me with new 2012 Europa Cept stamp from France. I would love to visit all these places on stamp, Paris and Eiffel Tower, Le Pond du Gard, Mont Saint-Michel and other great places, Visit France indeed!

Palau cover

Patrick helps me to grow my collection of covers from different and exotic countries. This beauty arrived from Palau, which is an island country in the Pacific Ocean. I had to use my atlas to find the country :)
Thank you Patrick for great cover and nice card inside!

Two lights lighthouse in Maine

The postcard was sent from Russia and I do not mind. It is very beautiful card with 2 lighthouses. It shows Cape Elizabeth lighthouse, originally built in 1829, having two Towers, first called "Two Lights". Cape Elizabeth Light now automated, is the most powerful on the New England Coast

Titanic cover

Maryam sent me wonderful cover with Titanic stamps. Cover has set of stamps and special postmark. Cover wass posted on 08th of May and it arrived to Tallinn on 20th of May
Thank you Maryam!