Monday, October 28, 2013

Cover from France

Axel sent me this nice sports-themed cover with minisheet. Minisheet was issued to celebrate 100 years of Tour de France. Cover was posted on 1st of August and it arrived to Estonia 3 days later.
Great cover!

Cover from Bahamas

Another great cover from Patrick :). The cover has 2 stamps. Rightone is dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of Bahamas Indepence and leftone is dedicated to the Royal Bahamas Police Force Band - 120th Anniversary. Both stamps were issued on 2013.
Thank you Patrick!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Austrian cover

This Austrian cover has one nice stamp with really clear postmark. Cover was sent from Graz on 16th of July and it has stamp celebrating 50th anniversary of Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum Stübing, an open-air museum containing old farmhouses and farm buildings from all over Austria reassembled in historic setting, attached. Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum Stübing is also located near the city of Graz.
It took only 3 days to arrive to Estonia. Thank you! 

Lighthouses on cover

John sent me cover with new lighthouse stamps from USA, the cover has 2 stamps - New London Harbour and Point Judith Rhode Island. Unfortunally there is no clear postmark with date, but it has clear postmark from Estonian side - 15-8-2013
Thank you, John!

Norwegian lighthouse

This beautiful postcard arrived from Russia, but the lighthouse is located in Norway, on the southwestern tip of Eigerøy, about 12 km (7.5 mi) west of Egersund. This was Norway's first cast iron lighthouse with lantern and gallery. Its success encouraged the building of many more on the Norwegian coastline. Automated in 1989. Lighthouse is active and site is open for tourists in July.The picture is taken by Falk Lademann

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Europa 2013 covers from Ukraine

Olesya helped me with Europa 2013 covers from Ukraine. Covers have postmark of 26th of September and they arrived on 30th of Sept and 1st of October. How interesting :)!
Thank you Ukraine

Italian cover

I received this beautiful cover on 11th of October. It is quite remarkable cover with nice and clear special postmark and interesting stamps - theatre in Bologna and pharmacie in Santa Maria Novella.
Thank you, Romano

British Virgin Islands

Patrick sent me this wonderful cover from such a exotic country as British Virign Islands. The cover was posted on 23th of August in Road Town Postoffice and it arrived to Estonia  on 13th of September
The cover is one of pearls in my colledtion, thank you, Patrick!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cover from San Marino

Klara sent the cover from San Marino on 18th of July. It arrived to Estonia on 2nd of August. The cover has 2 stamps, joint issue of San Marino and Slovakkia. Both stamps have beautiful castles on. Stamps were issued on 24th of August 2007
Thank you Klara!

FDC with lighthouses

Received this wonderful FDC for Cover Collectors Circuit Club. The cover has set of 5 stamps. They are Portsmouth Harbour, Boston Harbour, Point Judith, New London Harbour and Portland Head.
The cover has postmark of 13th of July

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a country in the Caribbean made up of two different islands,  Barbuda to the north and Antigua to the south.
Patrick sent me these 2 awesome covers from exotic Antigua & Barbuda. These covers have postmark of General Post Office from 14-8-2013. They arrived to Tallinn on 26th of August.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Europa 2013 FDC

... was sent by Paul. I appriciate the information about the stamp and design. The stamps were issued on 22-4-13. I like the car-shaped special postmark and I like the red coloured car.
Thank you Paul!

Estonian cover

I wanted to share another Estonian cover. Estonia is very rich in wild nature and it is time when many birds are coming back. There are many storks in Estonia, their nests are sometimes near the roads, so you can see them often. Did you know, you can watch everyday life of black-snork in black-snork camera  Enjoy!

Japanese cover

Keiichi sent me the cover with Winnie Puhh. The cover has clear postmark of 19-4-13 and it has special postmark too. Unfortunally I do not know anything about the special postmark. Who knows? The cover arrived to Tallinn on 23-4-13
Thank you!

First Europa 2013 cover

... arrived from Slovenia. Mateja sent me the cover on 19-04-13. The cover arrived to Tallinn 21-4-13. Unfortunally the bottom side of the cover is torned, but stamps are OK.
Thank you Mateja for the first Europa Cept 2013 cover to my collection!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Canadian cover with minisheet

Maryam sent me this cover with minisheet. The minisheet is dedicated to the 150 years of photography. There are used works of photographers - Thomas Coffin Doane from 1852, Margaret Watkins from 1919 and Geraldine Moodie from 1905. The cover has clear postmark of 4-4-13 from Ottawa and it arrived to Tallinn 14-4-13
Thank you Maryam!

Travelling Christmas envelope

Finally, my travelling Christmas envelope arrived home. It started his travelling in Dec 2012 and it arrived back home on 10th of April. My cover travelled to Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands and back to Estonia.
Thank you all!

First cover from Denmark

Ole sent me my first cover from Denmark, happy, happy, happy. The right stamp is brandnew, issued in 2013. It shows Valdemars Slot, the stamp is from set of Manor Houses.
Thank you!

Nice FDC from USA

I received this wonderful FDC from Alaska, USA. The stamps are dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Modern Art in America. Stamps were issued on 7-3-13. There were 12 stamps in set, there are 5 of them on cover. It is really nice cover.
Inside the cover was another, older FDC
The FDC shows Alaska Native Arts stamp, issued on 20-02-81.

Czech cover

Josef sent me the cover from Lanśkroun, Czech Republic. The cover is quite remarable, as it has stamp and coupon. The stamps show a tourist in front of a signpost and the coupon shows a couple of tourists carrying a signpost. There are 2 more coupons in sheet. The stamps were issued on 21-3-12. The cover has one more stamp, it is Christmas stamp.There is clear postmark of 03-04-13 and it arrived to Estonia 5-4-13.
Thank you!

Russian lighthouse

Last week I received this beautiful postcard. It shows lighthouse in Anapa, Russia. Thanks!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Estonian covers

I have 2 Estonian covers to share. The firstone shows bird of the Year 2013 in Estonia - Partridge.   I think it is one candidate to win the competiton of most beatiful stamp of the year 2013 in Estonia. And I like the FDC and maxicard. Find the information on the homepage of Estonian Post

Second Estonian cover shows lighthouse of Kiipsaare. The lighthouse is located in Saaremaa, biggest island in Estonia
Find more information about Estonian stamps on the homepage of Estonian Post

Slovenian Snake and Heart

Mateja sent me Lunar Year of Snake stamp and absolutely wonderful heart-shaped stamp. The cover has clear postmark of 26-2-2013 and the cover arrived to Tallinn 1-3-2013.
Thank you Mateja

Cover with minisheet from Japan

Received Lunar Year of Snake minisheet from Japan. The cover has clear postmark of 25-2-2013 from Japan and it arrived to Estonia on 28-2-2013.
Thank you Yusuke!

Visit Israel cover

Debora sent me great cover, it has Europa cept 2012 stamp from Israel. It is quite hard to get cover and I am very happy about it. Stamps were issued 04-09-2012. There were 3 stamps in set - Jaffa, Rosh Hanikra and Timna. I have cover with Jaffa.
Inside the cover was lighthouse postcard
It shows Lighthouse in Jaffa. A lone ole lightouse stands guart at Jaffa, on the shores of the Mediterranean
It is my first lighthouse from Israel
Thank you Debora!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Croatian cover

Ivana sent me this cover from Croatia. It has 2 stamps from beautiful childrens world pet set, issued on 21-2-2013. Cover has first day postmark and it arrived to Tallinn on 5-3-2013.
Thank you Ivana!

Chinese New Year 2012 from France

I received this beautiful 2012 Dragon in 2013 :), but I do not mind :). The cover has clear postmark of 25-2-2013. It arrived to Tallinn 27-2-2013
Thank you!

Cover with Hobbit stamp

Adrianne sent me the cover with wonderful stamp. The cover has stamp from great Hobbit stamps set, Radagast stamp. I was very happy to receive it, hope to have all 6 stamps one day. This is firstone.

Inside the cover was really beautiful postcard from my favourite theme - lighthouses. It is Akaroa Lighthouse. The lighthouse started operation on Akaroa Heads on 1 January 1880. One hundred years later, it was moved down to Akaroa township after being replaced in 1977 by an automated light.
Thank you, Adrianne!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Special postmark cover

Patrick sent me special postmark cover on 12-12-12. Isn't it beautiful :), as the postmark says, it is last triple date of the century. The cover has 3 stamps, 2 with flags and third is really beautiful stamp with cherry blossoms.
The cover is sent on 12-12-12 and it arrived to Tallinn on 7th of Janyary 2013
Thank you!

Malaysian cover

Nurulhuda sent me this beautiful cover from Malaysia, it has 3 Malaysian Festivals stamps. There are 5 stamps in set, stamps were issued on 27th of September 2012.
Again, what a pity, there is no postmark from Malaysian side, but the cover arrived to Estonia 26-12-12.
Thank you Nurul!

Animals from Brazil

I received these animals from Brazil, The stamps were issued in 2010, there were 6 stamps in set. Stamps are dedicated to the diplomatic relations between Zambia and Brazil. What is wonderful, that you can see Brasilian and Zambian flag on the cover. Great!
Thank you!

Turkish lighthouse

This lighthouse postcard was sent from Turkey. It shows Alanya lighthouse in Antalya.
Thank you Nihan!

Cape Cod lighthouse postcard

I received nice lighthouse postcard, which shows Cape Cod Nauset lighthouse. The lighthouse is located at Nauset Light Beach.

Canadian Tiger

Sam sent me this nice cover with Lunar Year themed minisheet. Tigers are one of my favourite animals with polar bears, so I was very happy to receive it. I like these Canadian Lunar Year stamps and minisheets.
Unfortunally, there is no postmark from Canadian side, but the cover arrived to Tallinn on 07-01-13

Special cover from Hong Kong

I was very thrilled to receive this beautiful cover. The stamps used on cover are very special stamps. This is set of stamps to celebrate the 150th anniversary of stamp issuance in Hong Kong and the cover has special postmark! Already on 8th Dec in 1862 Hong Kong had its first stamp issue featuring a portrait of Queen Victoria
The first stamp look like thisone on the special postcard inside the cover.

The cover was posted on 12-01-13 and it arrived to Tallinn on 28-01-13
Thank you!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cover from Guyana

Patric visited such an exotic country as Guyana and he sent me nice cover. The stamps shows seashell.
Thank you for helping to grow my collection of covers from exotic countries. The cover has postmark from November and it arrived on 15th of Janyary 2013. Thanks!

Christmas and New Year 2013 from Croatia

Agata sent this beautiful cover with 3 nice stamps. The leftone is for New Year 2013, in the middle is Christmas stamp and rightone is dedicated to the anniversary of 400 years of theatre in Hvar.
The cover has clear postmark 12-12-12 and it arrived to Tallinn on 20th of Dec
Thank you Agata!

Minisheet cover from Czech Republic

Radim ent this wonderful minisheet cover. It shows work of great artist Frantiśek Kupka. Minisheet was issued on 7th of November, the cover was sent on 21-12-12 and it arrived on 6th of January. Cover has special postmark.
Thank you!

Christmas cover from Australia

Irene sent me this whole set of Christmas stamps and beautiful cover. I like these classic style of Christmas stamps. Cover was sent on 7th of December and it arrived to Tallinn on18th of December. I had a surprise inside, happy, happy, happy!
Thank you Irene!

Europa cover from Macedonia

Ana sent me this beautiful Europa cept cover. It has whole set of stamps from 2004. The cover was sent on 4-12-12 and it arrived to Tallinn on 13-12-12

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christmas cover from Argentina

German sent me this beautiful cover from Argentina. It was sent on 7th of December and it arrived to Tallinn on 13th of January. The cover has special postmark from 17th of November 2012.
Thank you German!

Valentine Day greetings from Finland

Merja sent me this beautiful cover. The cover has stamp from new minisheet of six stamps - Sweet Valentine's Day. Cover has different postmarks from Eura and Tampere, both from 25th of February. Cover arrived to Tallinn on next day. That was quick!
Thank you Merja