Sunday, February 19, 2012

5 beautiful lighthouses

Nan sent me nice cover from USA and inside of the cover were 5 new lighthouse postcards

3 postcards show the same lighthouse, but all views are so different. My favourite is in the middle.I like the autumn colours and the wooden path. About the lighthouse - it is located on Fire Island. The building is built 1858, was restored and relit in 1986. The biggest efforts were made by the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society, which now operates it.
Great place to visit!
Wonderful postcard, the light and moon and ship. Really beautiful! Orient Point lighthouse is located at the most easterly tip of Ling Island on the North Fork. Also known as the Coffee Pot, the Oirent Point Lighthouse was completed in 1899. The lighthouse stands 64 feet and marks the hazardous waters of Plumb Gut.

Boston lighthouse is located on Little Brewster Island.This was the first lightstation established on the North American continent, and the last in the United States to be automated. Wow!
Thank you Nan!

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