Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3 finnish covers

I was happy enough and visited Finland at the end of July. I sent these nice covers to myself
Stamps show beauty of Finnish nature and show 2 national parks. Cover has special postmark of PostMuseum.
This stamp has minisheet Nordic Maritime 2012. The sea has always played a big role in the life in Scandinavian, nowadays a lot in spare time as well.  When the sea is rough, you can need some help from the rescue personnel.  This miniature sheet honors both The Finnish Lifeboat Institution (an organization for voluntary maritime rescue associations in Finland) and The Finnish Border Guard.
The cover has also special postmark of Postmuseum.

Last cover has whole set of Europa Cept 2012 stamps from Finland.  Finland's stamp pair is telling the history of tourism in Finland: the motifs are taken from the old posters inviting foreigners to the sea shore in Hanko or to the lake district Saimaa. The both areas are still today famous destinations.
All covers were posted on 31th of July, they have postmark of 1st of August and they arrived to neighbouring country on 2nd of August.

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