Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lighthouse RR cards

Raymond sent me thematic envelope, cover was sent on20th of October and received on 25th. All lighthouse postcards were new to me

Three Sisters Lighthouses are identical, they were bulit at Nauset Beach in 1838. The lighthouses were built in only 38 days. The lights were 150 feet apart and exhibited fixed white lights 97 feet above sea level
Peninsula Point Lighthouse is located on Northern Lake Michigan, is just south of Stonington in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The original structure included living quarters for the lighthouse keeper and his family. A fire gutted the structure in 1959, leaving only the lighth tower that you see now. From the top, you can see Escanaba to the west, Fayette to the east, and the Minneapolis Shoal Lighthouse to the south

Nubble Light is located at a small, rocky island a short distance off the entrance to the York River and York Harbor. The building of the lighthouse started in 1876.

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