Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lighthouse RR cards

Michelle sent me Europa Cept cover from France, cover was sent on 29th of October and received on 03th of November. I had the stamp before, but it is never too much :) Europa Cept stamps

The Lighthouse of Ar-Men is one of the best known lighthouses at the west end of Brittany. It shares its name with the rock on which it was erected. It is know also because of its isolated situation and the considerable difficulties its construction has presented, and the danger in evacuating its personnel. Considered as one of the most challenging workplaces by the community of lighthouse keepers, it has been named "The Hell of Hells".
Petit Minou lighthouse is located in the city of Plouzan√©, on the north side of the Brest straits. It was lit in 1848.

The lighthouse of Creac'h is a lightouse in Ushant, France. I like the view, rocks and stormy sea.

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